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This is a campaign I collaborated on for The University of Toledo and ProMedica. The two have committed to a 50-year affiliation agreement that will deliver the next generation of health care to the Northwest Ohio region. As they join forces to create a new academic medical center, the University of Toledo College of Medicine will relocate and expand its program on the ProMedica Toledo Hospital and Toledo Children’s Hospital campus. This affiliation will facilitate additional training and research opportunities for UT learners and help ensure that the best health care can be found right here at home. The campaign focused on traditional print media and an online presents to be sure the affiliation was well received by the Northwest Ohio community. I created a cohesive look that would translate across print advertisement, online banner ads, posters and billboards that would circulate in the Northwest region. Part of the campaign was also to design a website to house the majority of the information about the affiliation, which all the collateral was directed towards. The creative direction of this campaign was to interview well-established members of the Northwest Ohio community, including local business owners, influential members of the community and doctors currently working for ProMedica that would in turn become the face of the campaign and the affiliation agreement between The University of Toledo and ProMedica.


For me being a graphic designer means being able to create something that tells a story. Storytelling is what I love most about design and what drives me to create. In todays world we are constantly surrounded by images so when a company or product is able to tell their message and stand out as different purely through good branding, something beautiful is made, their brand story.


Web design is constantly changing so it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and know the current language. Right now responsive design is what it is all about. Responsive means to be able to translate your webpage from desktop to tablet to mobile and have it reorganize the content while staying within the same style yet fit the device structure.

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