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This is a logo I designed for Downtown Toledo Improvement District as they host the annual Lunch at Levis Square seasonal event. Every Thursday from June through August folks can hear live music while they eat their lunch or relax at Levis Square located at Madison and St. Clair in downtown Toledo. There are food trucks, picnic tables and plenty of shade from trees to enjoy a relaxing break from the workday and get outdoors. This logo embodies all the elements of the event, capturing the key elements of music and food intertwined in the logo mark, surrounded by a "square" a play on the name Lunch at Levis Square.






Identity is more then just logo design it is about showing a message through custom designs that are reinforced by colors, style, and uniformity. Designing a brand identity is a very rewarding process, it takes consistency to be able to design an identity that conveys what a company is trying to communicate to their customer base and show what brand business values are.


One of my favorite ways to tell a story is through graphic illustrations. Whether I create it through traditional means or by digitally drawing on a computer, I find the use of illustrations powerful, because it allows me to convey a particular effect with a mix of colors, graphics and drawings.