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I created this infographic flyer and poster to be display to raise awareness in the Kearney Public Schools - Green Schools Initiative. This inforgraphic was entitle "Pesky Plug Load - A Guide for Turing Off and Unplugging Devices" and was used for just that. This guide was designed so people in the Kearney schools could quickly and easily distinguish the plug load their devices are using. Plug load refers to the total energy electronic devices use while they are plugged into electrical outlets and the total amount of energy used even when plugged-in devices are turned off or in standby mode. Kearney Public Schools decided to try and actively lower there total plug load, which can be up to 25% of a school’s total energy use, and use this infographic to help in their efforts.


One of my favorite ways to tell a story is through graphic illustrations. Whether I create it through traditional means or by digitally drawing on a computer, I find the use of illustrations powerful, because it allows me to convey a particular effect with a mix of colors, graphics and drawings.

Black frame with blank canvas on the vintage wood background