This is a targeted campaign I designed for Seaman Corporation. The campaign consisted of print and online banner advertisement, as well as updating their web presents with the creative. The over all goal was to build overall brand awareness for FiberTite, a roofing system division of Seaman Corporation that provides weather resistant and extremely durability for corporate facilities roofs. The target audience was facility managers and building owners in the food processing and data center industries, as these are facilities that are at extreme risk for leaking roofs. This campaign collateral was targeted towards these two divisions with separate creative published in respective magazines or websites. While the opposite divisions would not necessarily see the opposing creative, it was important to launch a look and feel for the FiberTite system to continue to establish. A key message for the copy was to show off that FiberTite is at the top of their industry. Even thought they are more expensive than their competitors, they have the historical research to back up their product for 25 years with proof their roofing systems outlast the competitors in every way. 


For me being a graphic designer means being able to create something that tells a story. Storytelling is what I love most about design and what drives me to create. In todays world we are constantly surrounded by images so when a company or product is able to tell their message and stand out as different purely through good branding, something beautiful is made, their brand story.

FiberTite Campaign_PrintAd_DataCenters


FiberTite Campaign_PrintAd_FoodProcessing

SEAM004 FiberTite Campaign_NativeInstream_DataCenters_1200x1200_01

SEAM004 FiberTite Campaign_NativeInstream_FoodProcessing_1200x1200_01


SEAM004 FiberTite Campaign_WebSlider_DataCenters_995x210_01


SEAM004 FiberTite Campaign_WebSlider_FoodProcessing_995x210_01